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Green Mountain Blue II

Green Mountain Blue II (1978)
Collection of The National Gallery of Australia, New South Wales
800.0 h x 2130.0 w x 120.0 d cm. / 26'4" h x 70' w x 4'd

Charles Ginnever
was born in San Mateo, CA in 1931. He is best known for his large scale open form works for the outdoors. The first of these was started in 1958 with abandoned railroad ties and structural steel. The result was a deconstruction of prevailing sculptural spatial concepts that has continued to the present.

Since 1965 purchased materials have been used to create works placed throughout the U.S. & Australia. He currently resides at his studio farm in rural Vermont.
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Ithaca 1959
Ithaca 1959

Dante's Rig 1964
Dante's Rig 1964
Zeus 1975
Python 1980
Luna Moth Walk
Luna Moth Walk 1982 - 1985
Kitsuni 1983
Giant Steps
Giant Steps
93 - 2007
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